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Mobile Phones

Mobile phones are getting more and more powerful each day and have almost all of the same capabilities as a desktop or laptop computer. You must take the same care to secure your mobile devices as you would your computer. Follow these guidelines for a secure mobile phone:
  • Lock your phone with a passcode.
    If your phone ever gets lost or stolen, you know someone will have to get passed the lock screen to access any of your phone's information.
  • Do not store contacts as relationship identifiers.
    Do not use terms like "husband" or "wife" as a listing for a contact. If someone were to steal your purse (which held your phone), they could send a text message to "husband" asking for the PIN for the ATM. Now the thief could use your stolen ATM card and recently acquired PIN to take your money.
  • Install tracking software on your phone.
    If you lose your phone, this software can be used to find its location.
  • Know how to remotely wipe your phone.
    Some phones come with a built-in remote wiping ability while others require an added application. Some email systems even give the ability to remote wipe a mobile phone including: Microsoft OWA and GMail.